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Expected impacts

ZAPI will design new manufacturing processes (up to large scale) for delivering effective control tools (vaccines, antibodies/antibody-like molecules) against (re-)emerging zoonotic diseases with pandemic potential within a few months after the occurrence of first cases.

The project will develop a methodology which works for several targets and could be the basis for further research on other pathogens. It will also provide a technology and selection method for the industrialization of therapeutic/preventive solutions.

The product delivered using ZAPI’s methodology will be suitable for a regulatory process under emergency situations following Good Laboratory Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Clinical practices rules.

The use of ZAPI’s methodology will also allow to reduce considerably the number of animals used for the development of control tools.

Therefore, ZAPI will lead to ethical and animal wellbeing progresses, and effective and safe therapeutic and/or preventive solutions in case of a pathogen outbreak.

ZAPI’s main impact will be to help stop the disease progress in animals and prevent its spread to Humans.

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